Wheel Pictures

Diagram of the parts of a wheel. See below for pictures.

Ashford Traveler Wheel, set for double-drive.

[Traveler] Close-up of a scotch tension knob, showing the hole that the fishing line is threaded through, then tied.

Some of the parts, labeled.

[Traveler] Wheel switched over to scotch tension. Please notice that the fishing line is tied to the scotch tension knob, threaded through the eye hook, runs over the bobbin groove, and is attached to a spring which is then attached to a cup hook. A rubber band can be substituted for the spring. Tightening the knob pulls on the spring, and increases tension on the bobbin. This controls how fast the yarn gets pulled onto the bobbin, and pulled out of your hand.

Ashford Traditional Wheel, single-drive, flyer assembly and tensioning systems, labeled.

Ashford Traditional Wheel, single-drive, another view unlabeled.

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