After personkind got tired of twisting fibers in our fingers, on sticks, and on rocks, we developed the drop spindle in our prehistoric past. Listed below are some of the craftsmen who keep alive the creation of fine tools for twisting fibers.

Spindle Makers

Jonathon Bosworth
Cascade Spindle Company
Carol Cassidy-Fayer [Lollipops]
Jim Child [Hatchtown]
Elizabeth Dailey [Greensleeves]
Tom Diak [Grafton Fibers]
Tracy Eichheim [Woolly Designs]
Mike Fine
Helen "Halla" Fleischer
Mechelle Fox
Tom Forrester
Tom Golding
Norm Hall
Bill Hardy
Shawn Hoefer
Paul Hubbard [Simple Market Farms]
Gabe Jaramillo [Cascabeles]
Steve Kundert
Dave Larson
Jen Merrill [Crowhill House]
Adam Mielke
Bill Mutschler [Vermont Spindle Company]
Phil Powell
Red Barn Farm [d'Ewe Drops]
Steve Paulsen [Spindlewood Company]
Edward Tabachek
Silver Goose
David Reed Smith
Sublime Spindles [These are made in Europe.]
Avi Wasserman [These are made in Israel, but sold in the USA.]

Other Tools that Spin Fiber

The Fancy Kitty Spinner
The Rakestraw Spinner

This list can never be complete or absolutely correct for any length of time, as the info keeps changing. If you have any corrections or additions, please email me.