Wheel Comparisons by Price

These prices are just for general comparison, prices change all the time and different dealers will differ. I've tried to list only well-known and reputable wheels. They are available at many shops, some of them on my links page. A few of the more unique wheels have their websites listed here.

This is nowhere near complete, nor can it ever be because the info changes constantly.

Babe Little Spider- pvc charkha

Babe Pinkie-very small pvc box style
Babe Fiberstarter- pvc castle
Babe Production - pvc castle
Fricke Quill Hand Spinner-charkha

Ashford Charkha - quill wheel, hand crank
Babe Walking Wheel - pvc great wheel
Babe Big River Spinner - large pvc quill wheel with treadle
Kromski Prelude- travel saxon
Ashford Kiwi - castle
David Paul's HitchHiker- unique modified travel wheel, http://www.themerlintree.com/
Louet S17-castle

Ashford Traditional - saxon
Ashford Traveller - castle
Bosworth's Book Size Charkha, http://journeywheel.com/
Kromski Symphony - saxon
Kromski Minstrel- castle
Kromski Mazurka - castle
Lendrum Original - travel castle
Louet S15-castle

Ashford Joy - modified travel castle
Ashford Country Spinner - box wheel
Bosworth's Attaché Charkha, http://journeywheel.com/
Jensen Tina II - castle
Kromski Polonaise- saxon
Louet S10-castle
Louet S51-castle
Majacraft Millie- castle

Ashford Elizabeth - saxon
Jensen Debbie Gossip - castle gossip
Jensen Production Wheel-saxon
Jensen Ultimate Production Wheel-saxony
Bosworth's Journey Wheel - a unique book-style with treadle and flyer, http://journeywheel.com/
Louet S45-castle
Louet S75-castle
Majacraft Rose - castle
Majacraft Suzie - castle
Majacraft Saxonie
Majacrafts's Portable Little Gem - castle
Schacht Matchless- castle
Schacht Reeves 24" - saxon
Lendrum Saxony

Schacht Reeves 30" - saxon
Golding Wheels - art wheels http://www.dropspindle.info/wheels.html

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