Why I Spin:

1. What else would I do with all this fiber?

2. Because I have to. [Said with a twitch in my left eye.]

3. Because I can't otherwise afford the yarns that I want to knit with.

4. I don't always spin, sometimes I knit.

Why I Knit:

1. What else would I do with all these pointy sticks? [Quoted from about 7 unknown sources.]

2. I can't let all this handspun go to waste, now, can I?

3. I don't always knit, sometimes I crochet, or tat, or weave, or braid, or embroider, or needlepoint, or cross-stitch, or macrame, or make needle lace, or do other stuff. Or, of course, spin.

4. The voices told me to. [Twitch.]