Winding a ball of yarn

I've seen a lot of questions on how to wind a ball of yarn. I'll talk about a center-pull elsewhere and elsewhen, but there are a lot of uses for a simple old yarn ball that you can drop in a heavy bowl or craft bag and just work from.

1. First, you start winding the yarn around your hand.

2. Take the big fat loopy thing of yarn off of your hand, hold it between your thumb and other fingers, and wrap a lot more. This time you are wrapping aroung your thumb, fingers, and the already wrapped yarn. It is important that the ball be mushy, which is why those fingers and thumb are in ther. If you wrap a harn, non-mushy ball you will be pulling the yarn out of shape, which will result in non-stretchy yarn. If you make something with stretched out yarn then wash it, it will usually resume it's unstretched state, resulting in a made object that shrinks on you the first time you wash it. Stretched out yarn + bad thing.

3.This time when you take it off of your fingers it will be looking a little more ball-like. Well, sorta. Wrap around it some more, turning it once in awhile to even it out.

4. TahDah! It's a ball of yarn!

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